I Want

“I want a Victorian style house on the boisterous streets somewhere in Louisiana. The one with a wraparound porch and shutters, oh and beautiful dark hardwoods and antique molding inside of course!

I want two gardens! The one in the front to be filled with colorful flowers and plants that attract beautiful butterflies. Maybe hang a few hummingbird feeders you know?! The one in the back will be filled with vibrant colored fruits and vegetables that will have that fresh crunch every time you bite in. A few weeping willows would look great! I’ve always found weeping willows to be the most exquisite tree on earth you see.

I want to open up a Café on Bourbon Street. You know serve up tasty yet potent espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, or just the simplest house brew. Actually come to think of it… I like the sound of a bar slash café. Yeah, mix up a few handcrafted cocktails and offer a few cordials on the menu. Wow! Could you imagine the type of business that place would receive?

I want to meet a man who will sweep me off of my feet with poetry, occasional compliments, and sweet kisses. Someone to hold my hand as we walk the busy streets at night and fall into a deeper love every single day. Someone who would sit on the couch while listening to vinyl and let our conversations and laughter, maybe even tears, lull us to sleep in each other’s arms.

I want to go on adventures and make thousands of memories. I want to travel and visit the clearest oceans and the whitest sand beaches that you only see in postcards. I want to go to Dublin Ireland and Paris France, maybe Barcelona but definitely Greece. We could eat foods from all over the world and visit museums for their paintings, statues, and history.

I then want a family to put in that big Victorian style house. I never thought of just having one kid. Two is a great number because the other child will never get lonely. However three sounds like a positive number considering it is a negative. I’ve always felt it would balance things out! Though that may be quite a stretch considering I’m almost thirty.

Anyways I want a-“

“Enough already! Look all I keep hearing is I want this, I want that, blah blah blah. Well you know what? Frankly I’m tired of hearing what you want because you haven’t nor do you plan on taking the initiative to get your wants. So either you do something about it or shut up because I can’t take your babbling much longer!”

-Phelinne Levi


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