Listening to I Found by Amber Run on repeat inspired me to write a form of poetry

I always said that I never wanted to live my life wastefully,

However- Here I am, right now, doing it painfully.

You hear stories of the elderly who wished they did life a little differently,

Though they chose the path they did- willingly.

They knew at the time it was the right thing for them.

Years down the road of life, ideas of regret begin to stem.

I know what I want in this life, but what I want can never be my reality,

When I tell others my dreams they say it’s nothing more than a hyperbole.

Makes me wonder if what or who I truly want is bad for me,

Sometimes others can perceive what I may not be able to see.

I tend to question what he truly wants in life,

I honestly have no clue other than music and a wife.

My fault because I never asked, just assumed,

I do know alcohol and other outlets are consumed.

I keep receiving glimpses of the person I once knew,

My thoughts of him changing is something he could never construe.

I’m not perfect either but I am getting older,

Before we know it our bodies will began to molder.

Therefore I cannot go back and hope and wish,

That things will work out and he’ll never pick up that swish.

Never leave me alone high and dry,

Regretting that I thought we could try.

So as you can see I know what’s best for me,

But I know deep down, I’ll always want “we”.

As the years go on and my hair becomes more gray,

I’ll be that person regretting life decisions …but all because I knew what was best for me on that particular day.

-Phelinne levi






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